- Taylor's Scion -
Cask-aged pre-phylloxera port from 1855
The rarest and most important port release of the last few decades
We have a minute allocation - less than 10 bottles - of the MOST remarkable port release of the
last few decades. Taylor's, widely regarded as the greatest of all port houses, has just released
a one-off bottling of two casks of port dating from 1855 - more than a century and a half old.

Here is the press release from Taylor's:

A rare pre-phylloxera Tawny Port, dating back to the 1850s, will go on sale in the UK this
December under the name SCION

An extremely rare, cask-aged Tawny Port dating back to the mid 19th Century has been
uncovered by Head Winemaker, David Guimaraens, in the village of Prezegueda in the Corgo

Owned by a distinguished Douro family and passed down as a private family reserve through
several generations, it only came to light after the recent death of the sole direct descendent.  
Her heirs decided to sell the remaining two pipes to Taylor’s earlier this year, a third was said to
have been acquired by Winston Churchill.

Due to the extraordinary quality, rarity and historical interest in this particular Tawny Port,
Managing Director of Taylor’s, Adrian Bridge, decided to bottle and sell it as a collector’s item
under the name Scion (meaning the descendent or heir of a noble family or the shoot of a plant,
especially one used for grafting).

“This exceptional wine, which dates back to the time of the Crimean war, may be one of the only
wines in the world to survive in faultless condition since Phylloxera ravaged the vineyards in the
1860s,” stated Bridge.  “We believe that this rare offer will be the last significant quantity of
cask-aged Ports to be offered to collectors and Port enthusiasts from this era.”

Scion will be sold in a beautiful bespoke, hand-blown, crystal decanter which will be set into a
sturdy wooden box with brass fittings reminiscent of a 19th century instrument case.  In the lid
will be a book telling the story of this rare Tawny with original drawings by illustrator and
typographer, Sarah Coleman.  Rare guarantee seals have been acquired from the Douro Wines
Institute (IVDP) to complete the presentation.  It will be sold in specialist wine outlets for around
75cl decanter of the Taylor's Scion Port in
wooden  presentation case at GBP £2500
per bottle.

The price of £2500 INCLUDES worldwide
PRIORITY shipping, there are NO
additional shipping costs. We guarantee safe
arrival of all bottles, and will replace or refund
any parcel lost in transit.

Email us for ordering details
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£2,500 a bottle this December.

“Scion may be one of the last great representatives of a lost viticultural era”, explained Bridge.  “The Douro vineyards in pre-
Phylloxera days were ungrafted and a different mix of varieties planted from those used today. This Port represents a rare
piece of history and is an exciting and very unique offer for consumers.”
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