Absinthe Pernod Fils "Garanti Fabriqué en 1913"

This is the classic "benchmark" Pernod Fils with the labels overprinted "Fabriqué en 1913"
(made in 1913). This is a very rare bottling - these bottles were the very last stock produced
by Pernod before the ban in 1914. They were sent to Holland for safekeeping and a small
quantity were released 25 years later for export in 1938 with this special overprinted label.
The balance of the stocks was unfortunately destroyed by bombing during the war. Photos
show the bottle still covered in the original cellar dust!
50ml samples of vintage Armagnac, Cognac, Rum and Calvados
From 1858 to 1960's
We had never done anything quite like this before: At Finest & Rarest we wanted to celebrate years of
success with something very special for our clients, guess what we did...
We cracked open some bottles. 2 bottles of Armagnac, 3 bottles of Cognac, 3 bottles of Rum, and 1 bottle
of Calvados. Nothing modern, but exclusively bottles from 1858 to 1960!
We thought that it would be a great idea to offer samples from these wonderful bottles so that our clients
could enjoy the prestigious spirits they contain without having to purchase a full bottle. Plus, we think
that they make incredible and unusual gifts for birthdays and the year-end season. Imagine yourself
enjoying a glass of a 150+ year old Cognac with your family and friends after a delicious dinner. That's
exactly what we had in mind with this idea.
All bottles and antiques are shipped in secured
boxes, no risk of breakage. WE UNCONDITIONALLY
GUARANTEE EVERY DELIVERY. In the very unlikely
event that a bottle gets lost, we will replace it
immediately or refund your money in full.
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Calvados Boulard 1902 - 50ml sample

Earliest bottle ever found of this renown calvados producer. Pierre-August
Boulard founded the company in 1825 and now his great great grandson, Vincent,
is running it.

119 € / 50ml (only 9 samples available)
Armagnac Château de Malliac 1904 - 50ml sample

Located in the town of Montréal, Gers, Château de Malliac was producing Bas
Armagnacs from Picpoult and La Folle Blanche grapes.

109 € / 50ml (only 6 samples available)
Armagnac J. Dupeyron 1893 - 50ml sample

Joseph Dupeyron, founder of the company Ryst Dupeyron, was first awarded for
his armagnacs at the Exposition Universelle in 1900. Dupeyron is still a family-
owned business and their world widely renown armagnacs are still aged in the
cellars of the impressive "Hotel de Cugnac" in Condom, Gers.

109 € / 50ml (only 6 samples available)
Cognac J.G. Monnet & Co 1858 (bottled by Lachaise) - 50ml sample

Aroma: cosy. A mountain hut. Summer meadow with the smell and feel of
humidity before the rain comes. Notes of apples drying in the cellar, dried fruit
and Christmas pudding.
Taste: oranges and dried fruits. Ultra rich. Some alcohol bite.

149 € / 50ml (only 12 samples available)
Cognac Grande Champagne Caves du Pavillon Royal 1875 - 50ml sample

Aroma: spring in the city, rain and asphalt. Strong sweetness. Notes of apple
blossom & black grape skin.
Taste: Fresh. Mild. Silky & oily mouthfeel.

139 € / 50ml (only 12 samples available)
Cognac J.V. Caillette 1878 - 50ml sample

Aroma: extravagant personality. Breathing in history. Floral & Fruity (tropical
fruit). Notes of honey, almond blossom, Candied pineapple & Muscovado sugar.
Taste: mountain herbs. Syrup. Memories of childhood. Soft alcohol, not biting.

139 € / 50ml (only 12 samples available)
Rossi Rhum Demerara 1956 - 50ml sample

Rossi D‘Asiago‘s story began in 1868 in Asiago when pharmacist Giovanni
Battista Rossi succeeded in gaining a successful elixir based on china calissaya
and kicked off the first industrial production of distillates in the area. In 1929,
Dr. Rossi created Kranebet, a pure distillate made with alpine herbs (juniper,
gentian and absinthe). After WWII the company expanded their business
towards importing high quality spirits including Rum.

69 € / 50ml (only 14 samples available)
Old Demerara Rum Keeling 1959 - 50ml sample

Nose: Something of a wooden still wafts through here, soft, not sharp, quite
deep. Licorice, bananas, citrus, apricots ...
Palate: Thick, heavy, dark, heated, rich. Vanilla starts the party, then oak and
tannins ... dusty hay notes, then dark rye bread, prunes, pears, blackcurrants
and figs; with very little spice or anise coming through. It was lusciously made
... at last comes the dark burnt sugar and some caramel notes, black cake and
fruit, to swell the taste buds.
Finish: Warm, fruity, with salt ... tannins again, a little bitter, followed by the
aromatic smoke of port infused cigarillos.
thelonecaner.com (2016)

69 € / 50ml (only 14 samples available)
Barbieri Vecchio Rum Jamaica c1960 - 50ml sample

1-liter bottle of Vecchio ("old" in Italian) Jamaican Rum. Bottled by the Barbieri
brothers of Padova in the 1960's. The company is still active today and are well
known for their fruit liqueurs (including a rum punch).
Aroma: wonderful muscovado sugar aroma. Vanilla.
Taste: woody, like a deck of a ship. Fruity. Delicious!

49 € / 50ml (only 18 samples available)