Rhum Clément "Blanc" 1938
Decanted from the original demijohn. One of the finest & rarest rums ever offered for tasting
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Rhum Clément White 1938 - 500 ml stoneware jug - 295 € (excl. VAT)

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This 5-liters demijohn was part of a remarkable private collection of demijohns of 19th and 20th century rum we purchased from
the descendants of the original owner - a retired sea captain. We were lucky enough to acquire the oldest rum from this
collection, the Clément 1819, but also the youngest one, from 1951, as well as several other vintages in between. We were
initially not quite sure of what to do with all these demijohns, as they are beautiful and unique museum pieces in their own
rights, but as always curiosity was strong, and the desire to taste them all proved quite irresistible for us. So we carefully opened
the demijohns, tasted the extraordinary rum inside and decanted the remaining contents into 500ml stoneware jugs, which we
then hand-corked and hand-waxed.