Absinthe Pernod Fils "Garanti Fabriqué en 1913"

This is the classic "benchmark" Pernod Fils with the labels overprinted "Fabriqué en 1913"
(made in 1913). This is a very rare bottling - these bottles were the very last stock produced
by Pernod before the ban in 1914. They were sent to Holland for safekeeping and a small
quantity were released 25 years later for export in 1938 with this special overprinted label.
The balance of the stocks was unfortunately destroyed by bombing during the war. Photos
show the bottle still covered in the original cellar dust!
Cognac Tesseron
The greatest collection of old eau de vie on earth
Tesseron Lot 29 is the only cognac ever to be awarded 100 points by Robert Parker
Cognac Tesseron is one of the great secrets of Cognac. Abel Tesseron created the company in 1905,
relying at the time on two separate estates, one situated in the Grande Champagne area (Boneuil) and the
other in Petite Champagne (Saint-Surin). He adopted a long term policy of buying up stocks of the oldest
and finest eaux-de-vie, carefully conserved in a twelfth century crypt. Despite a very low public profile,
this little known firm is today revered in the region, as owners of the largest stocks of great old cognac in
existence. In their legendary innermost cellar or
paradis, lie an incredible 2200 glass demijohns (most
around 25 litres) of cognac dating from between 1825 and 1906, painstakingly built up by three
generations of the Tesseron family. This treasure trove of 19th century cognac is supplemented by
hundreds of oak casks of the very finest cognac dating from the first half of the 20th century. There is no
comparable collection in Cognac or anywhere else - the Tesseron holdings are unique, and irreplaceable.

For decades the primary business of the firm has been as wholesalers, quietly supplying the grandest
marques in Cognac with ancient eaux de vies to complete their rarest and most prestigious blends. In
recent years however, they have released very limited quantities of some particularly exceptional blends
under their own name, and it's the very best of these, the
crème de la crème of the crème de la crème,
which we are proud to offer here.
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Demijohns in the Tesseron paradis cellar.
David Nathan-Maister in the Tesseron paradis cellar
19th century demijohns at Cognac Tesseron.
A note on pricing

Tesseron choose traditional and classically elegant packaging for their cognacs, eschewing the kitschy gilt and cut glass "bling" so
favoured today by most of the grande marques. As a consequence of this, their wholesaler heritage, and the fact that they have
actually owned these cognacs for generations, rather than simply bought them in to meet demand as most of the big brands do -
their pricing is not just competitive, but astonishingly good.
This same level of cognac would cost - at least - two or three
times the price if sold by Remy Martin, Hennesy, Courvoissier etc.

Tesseron Cognac Grande Champagne X.O Exception Lot No. 29

This is regarded as the jewel of the Tesseron collection of Cognacs, and the oldest in their standard range. A unique blend of
legendary eighty to ninety year-old Grande Champagne eaux de vie, all from the 1920's,  lovingly aged for three generations.
Balancing power and finesse, Lot 29 has a floral bouquet, allied to chocolate and mocha notes. This is complemented by that
elusive, ethereal nose which is so typical of only the very best old cognac. This subtle elixir has an extraordinarily long
aftertaste, and its lovely amber highlights reflect its very slow ageing – the quintessence of elegance.

COMPOSITION : Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard
BLEND : Grande Champagne only
AGED: More than three generations in Limousin oak casks

COLOR : Lustrous topaz
NOSE : Heady, decadent aged nose, followed by layers of honey, figs, plums and exotic fruit laced with oak.
PALATE : Supremely elegant, this combines macerated dried fruit with hints of mocha and cocoa, refreshed by floral aromatics.
Unctuous and silky, it retains a wonderful freshness and vitality throughout. Extremely well balanced and wonderfully complex  
with marmalade notes emerging on a persistent, stylish finish.

100 points, Robert Parker" "... anything this smooth, silky, potent, and aromatic, is truly great stuff. It is about as ethereal
Cognac as anyone could ever hope to drink."
Andrew Jefford [Financial Times, 2004]: "...If money is still less an object, Tesseron Lot 29 (40%) will prove just how
conclusively great brandy, like great wine, can absorb, modulate and reflect a kind of mineral beauty in the midst of all its other,
more freshly sensual attractions: layered amid the fig, the beech leaf and the cream there's a kind of stony fire that glows for 30
seconds after you've swallowed ..."
Nicholas Faith [Decanter]: "...a marvellous balance of richness and dryness, a hint of orange peel, while retaining a wonderful
florality on the palate. So pure, it is almost refreshing"
Tesseron Cognac Grande Champagne X.O Exception Lot No. 29
We have a very sought-after allocation of this "ultimate cognac"

This is Tesseron's ultimate cognac, not part of their standard range, and  offered  only very recently for the first time, on strict
allocation in minute quantities.

Some of the cognacs in this blend are 150 years old. It is so rare that even specialists only speak of it as a memory of flavours
long sought and never found. Around 60% of the cognacs in this blend date from BEFORE phylloxera, from the early 1860's to the
late 1870's, and none are later than the 1920's.

Velvety and supple on the palate, its exceptional mellowness is matched only by its infinitely complex depth. Its "rancio" nose,
the result of long years of ageing in oak casks, is smooth and harmonious. It opens up in waves of countless secondary aromas,
whose tones get stronger and stronger, and then ends with a velvety soft finish and an extraordinarily long-lingering aftertaste.

This unique creation is presented in a small, 1.75 litre, "dame-jeanne" demijohn, like the famous 25 litres "dames-jeannes" from
which Tesseron has selected its oldest cognacs and finest eaux-de-vie. 1.75 litres is well over twice the capacity of a regular
bottle, or 250ml more than a regular magnum. Each demijohn is presented in a black lacquer box, with a brilliant "piano" finish.

This cognac’s availability for sale is an exceptional event, there is nothing comparable on the market, Remy's Louis XIII and
Hennesy's Richard are mere adolescents compared to this (and they both typically charge for a single bottle around what Tesseron
ask for this one and three quarter litre demijohn of far older cognac).
Tesseron Extrême Grande Champagne Cognac 1er Cru
BLACK lacqered presentation box

GBP £2495 per 1.75 litre demijohn.

The price of £2495 INCLUDES worldwide PRIORITY shipping, there
are NO additional shipping costs.

We guarantee safe arrival of all bottles, and will replace or refund
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Tesseron Extrême Grande Champagne Cognac 1er Cru
RED lacqered presentation box

GBP £2495 per 1.75 litre demijohn.

The price of £2495 INCLUDES worldwide PRIORITY shipping, there
are NO additional shipping costs.

We guarantee safe arrival of all bottles, and will replace or refund
any parcel lost in transit.

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