Comoz "Absinthe des Alpes"

Established in 1870 in Chambery in the Savoie region, C. Comoz specialized in a unique
vermouth blanc (white vermouth) and an equally remarkable absinthe "Absinthe des Alpes",
based on a local recipe, and using mountain herbs.

The absinthe is extremely pale amber in colour, and louches almost white. My belief is that
this absinthe was originally a blanche, and the slight colour now is simply a result of a century
of ageing. It's not possible to say this with absolute certainty, it may instead have been an
exceptionally pale verte. The aroma and flavour of this absinthe are quite wonderful, very
floral, licorice root and green anise of the very finest quality are both noticeable, the louche
is thick and rich, and yet the absinthe has an extraordinarily refined feel in the mouth, very
feminine and perfumed in character. Really quite remarkable!
Vintage-dated Armagnac
Robust, Rich and Characterful
The Perfect Birthday and Anniversary Gift
Armagnac, distilled mainly in Gascony in the southwest of France, is recognised as the only brandy to
come close to the quality of cognac - indeed some connoisseurs specifically prefer the more robust flavour
of armagnac. It is distilled once only, in a specialised copper still that was invented in the Armagnac
region on the nineteenth century. Frequently, small farmers use a portable still, which is wheeled from
farm to farm. It is then aged in black oak, which gives tannin and deep colour to the brandy. The ageing
and labelling of armagnac is done in much the same way as cognac.

The region known as Armagnac is divided into three areas (in order of descending quality):
Bas-Armagnac, Ténarèze, and Haut Armagnac. Any bottle bearing only the word Armagnac, without
mention of any of the regions, is a blend of two or all three regions.

Unlike cognacs, vintage dated armagnacs have always been legal in France, and so a much wider variety
of vintage-specific bottlings are available.
Bas-Armagnac Samalens "Vieille Relique" 1888

"Société des Vieilles Eaux-de-Vie d’Armagnac
Laujuzan (Gers) France
Vieilli en futs"

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Vieil Armagnac Baron Gaston Legrand 1900 - SOLD

One of the finest and most reputable armagnac from the famous Cognac Lheraud
Grand Armagnac 1893 - SOLD

Rare early Armagnac from one of the greatest vintages in the region
ever. 50cl bottles.
An important large format bottle of Armagnac 1865 - SOLD
Grand Armagnac Janneau 1872 - SOLD

The oldest reserve of the Janneau family, a great armagnac.
Armagnac Ryst-Dupeyron 1904

Dupeyron is one of the oldest Armagnac house and is still family owned.
They own one of the largest armagnac collection dating back to 1850.

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Grand Bas-Armagnac Laberdolive 1911 - SOLD

A lovely basquaise bottle.
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Some previously sold bottles of vintage armagnac:
Armagnac Fauchon 1922

Very old reserve from the cellars of the gourmet food company Fauchon.

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