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Gin, Kummel, Fernet Branca, Amer Picon, Dom Benedictine, Genever
A little light relief and considerably less expensive than the classic spirits we generally deal with.
Unusual and hard to find vintage spirits and liqueurs: Kümmel, the great caraway and cumin
liquor; Dutch jenever; Benedictine, second only to Chartreuse in the pantheon of French
liqueurs, Grand Marnier, the king of triple sec; aperitifs and bitters...the list is endless.
G.Picon Amer Picon circa 1920

A superb bottle of this classic French aperitif, combining orange essence with a
gentiane base. A very rare bottle, especially in this sort of near-mint condition.

Cusenier Creme de Cassis
Circa 1890 - 1900

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Wolfschmidt Kümmel circa 1930's

Excellent level, very good condition.

Echte Moutwijn Jenever, circa 1940's

Old pencil marking "!947" on label.
Excellent level, very good condition.

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Joachim Kümmel circa 1900

A very rare early kummel bottle, label
stained but absolutely intact. Sound cork.  

Dom Benedictine
Circa 1930's

Excellent level, very
good condition.

Bols Kümmel circa 1930's
Double distilled, very dry.

Excellent level, tatty label but
otherwise good condition.

A superb collection of vintage Fernet Branca

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Grand Marnier Grande Champagne 1830
A special cuvee bottled by Marnier-Lapostelle around
1925, based on pre-phylloxera cognac from 1830.

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Crème de Thé - ex the fabled cellars of Badminton House, sold by Christies in 1989.
Superb crudely hand-blown mallet-shaped bottles, certainly not later than the 1850's, possibly as early as the 1790's.
A very rare opportunity to taste a liqueur now entirely extinct, more than a century and half old.

Crème de Thé was a staple of early distilling guides from the late eighteenth century. Its renown mirrored that of the China
Tea from which it was made. It reached a peak of popularity in the late 19th century, and then fell into slow but inexorable
decline. As far as can be ascertained, the last production was in the 1950's. Today it's just a name in old distiller's
handbooks and in pre-war cocktail guides. For any true vintage cocktail aficionado the chance to taste it is a life-enhancing
thrill, to be savoured and appreciated as gourmets in Imperial Russia appreciated tasting a sliver of mammoth steak, frozen
for centuries in the Siberian tundra - an echo of something now gone for ever. These bottles are both very early - first half of
the 19th century or earlier - and of the finest possible quality, coming from the cellars of Badminton House, one of the
greatest of all English country house cellars, sold by Christies in the late 1980's.

Tasting note: Gorgeous pale limpid honey colour, tinged with green. Subtle and infinitely complex nose, China tea, angelica root,
perhaps a hint of eucalyptus. Full bodied and intensely sweet on the palate, with an almost ever-lasting persistence in the mouth.
A privilege to taste!
Click on the button to order one 50ml sample bottle of the circa 1850
Badminton House Crème de Thé at GBP £95.

The Badminton House Crème de Thé has been
carefully decanted into sterile laboratory-grade 50ml amber glass sample
bottles. 50ml is enough for 2 metric tots.

This is a unique opportunity to taste a  now completely extinct liqueur from
bottles in excess of 150 years old.

The price of £95 INCLUDES worldwide PRIORITY shipping, there are NO
additional shipping costs. We guarantee safe arrival of all bottles, and will
replace or refund any parcel lost in transit
Guillot Triple Sec

1940's, beautiful bottle.

Wisniowka Polish Cherry Cordial

1950's bottle, a scarce survival.

Gordon's Special Dry London Gin, circa late
Rare early pre-war bottling

Scarce in this sort of condition.

Burnett's London Dry
Gin, circa 1960's

A highly regarded gin.

Oldmoor London Dry
Lemon Gin, circa 1960's

A very rare survival

English Gin, circa

Superb condition,
a great gin.

Tanqueray English Gin, circa late 1970's

Superb condition, a great gin.

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